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Revolution is extremely effective in keeping cats safe from hookworm, roundworm and ear mites, too. Unlike many other 'topical' (i.e. administered externally onto the body) parasiticides designed to treat fleas and other parasites in cats, Revolution is not a scheduled poison and is approved for use with kittens as young as 6 weeks old, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Revolution is a "spot-on" medication for cats that:
• Stops all stages of the flea (kills the adult flea and prevents eggs from hatching)
• Prevents heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) disease
• Kills adult fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and prevents their eggs from hatching
• Treats and controls ear mites (Otodectes cynotis)
• Treats and controls sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei) and
• Prevents heartworm
• Can be used on kittens from 6 weeks and pregnant and lactating cats

Quick Drying: Revolution is quick-drying, non greasy and water fast, with no unpleasant odor, so you can cuddle and play with your cat as soon as Revolution dries.

How does it work?
Once you've applied it, Revolution For Cats is quickly absorbed into your pet's bloodstream, killing any heartworm larvae, as well as any roundworm and hookworm intestinal larvae, it encounters. As it moves into your cat's skin and hair, it gets down to the business of killing fleas and other external parasites. Revolution For Cats will then continue to fully protect your cat for an entire month, regardless of how long your cat's hair is. After the month is up, just apply a new dose.

Internal and external protection for cats against:
• Three stages of the flea (adult, eggs & larvae)
• Heartworm
• Hookworm
• Roundworm
• Ear mites
• Controls flea allergy dermatitis

heartworm can lead to death.

How is it used?
Just a spot once a month in front of the shoulder blades is all your pet needs for protection against fleas, heartworm and other parasites. No pills. No sticky sprays. No more hassling with multiple products. No need to massage it in either.

How often should I apply Revolution?
Once a month.

What should I do if I do not give Revolution on time or miss a dose?
If you forget to apply a monthly dose of Revolution, immediately apply Revolution, resume monthly applications.
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