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Urine-Off is a high-performance, bio-enzymatic product developed specifically to remove cat urine.. Urine-Off differs from competing products in several key ways:

It eliminates urine odor at the source, permanently;

It is effective at removing urine odors and urine stains on hard and soft surfaces; and It works not only on fresh urine stains, but on old ones too (even YEARS old!)

Finally...Something That Actually Works!

Urine-Off Removes Urine Stain and Odor...Even Cat Urine...No Matter How Old It Is or How BAD It SMELLS!

Urine-Off uses the power of Mother Nature to eliminate the strongest odours, and the toughest stains. Through advanced technologies, Urine-Off was able to specifically identify the bacteria and enzymes that will combat the severe odours and stubborn stains associated with urine, vomit, blood and faeces. The specialized enzymes in Urine-Off attack the odour at its source. While Urine is composed of several different components such as urea and uric acid, salt crystal matrices within uric acid are the cause of the unpleasant odours associated with urine. Standard cleaners such as bleach or disinfectants will not eliminate these salt crystals. Because uric acid salt crystals are very insoluble, these cleaners will only cause crystal matrices to become dormant. The uric acid salt crystals will remain dormant until any form of moisture comes in contact with them. Whether it is water, humidity, or even more urine, once these crystals are wetted, they will begin to produce the strong ammonia-like odours associated with urine. As odour control is all about source removal, eliminating the existence of these crystals will eliminate noxious urine odours.

There are several general “bio-enzymatic” cleaners on the market today all containing a blend of universal enzymes that have had limited effectiveness. The enzymes within Urine-Off are specifically designed to consume these uric salt crystals, while providing a pleasant fragrance for immediate odour relief. Make no mistake, Urine-Off does not simply mask the odour, it eliminates it.

Please note that the 946ml litre does not come with a spray bottle - it comes with a nozzle for ease of use on carpets.
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