For adult cats (1-7 years old) who are prone to weight gain. Royal Canin Light Weight Care reduces their calorie intake by 17% but at the same time, satisfies their appetite.

Tendency to gain weight?
Does your cat have a tendency to gain weight? Maintaining an ideal body condition and muscle mass is a crucial aspect of a cat?s overall health.

Healthy body condition
What are the key benefits of this targeted nutritional solution? Light weight care is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps maintain a healthy body condition. With several actions. 1) Special blend of fibres including psyllium helps increase the volume of food in the stomach, thus helping to naturally reduce spontaneous eating. 2) High protein content to help maintain muscle mass. 3) Low fat content to help limit weight gain.

Enriched with L-carnitine, involved in healthy fat metabolism.

Proven results
With the exclusive use of Light weight care, the calorie intake is reduced by 17%* and the cat?s appetite is satisfied. *Royal Canin internal study, 2006 - Spontaneous daily consumption compared to a similar medium calorie feed for cats.