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Create a natural hair finish with these thinning scissors. A great tool that can be used to thin out the tail, blend transitional lines after trimming and remove bulky spots on your pet's coat.

You will have them looking pawfect in no time!

Ensure the coat is clean, dry and tangle-free before thinning. We recommend using our slicker brush to get the coat smooth and ready to trim.

Make sure your pet is secure and can't move around too freely. You can place them on a towel to reduce mess (and catch all those hair off-cuts).
If you need to remove length, cut the hair first with our Kazoo grooming scissors.

Once the coat is the desired length check which areas need blending or to be thinned out.

To thin out hair - snip the scissors down on the hair and pull slightly. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you will rip hair.

To blend - open scissors slightly and snip quickly as you move them away. It's a fast, repetitive motion, applying gentle pressure. Don't open the scissors too wide as hair can get trapped in the wide opening.

• Do some research and choose a style of cut that suits your breed. We recommend watching some grooming videos to learn skills and techniques.
• When grooming, take your time and step back every now and then to check the overall look. Start conservatively, you can always cut more off!
• Make sure the scissors are sharp and oiled. Dull scissors will yank your pet's hair, causing pain and stress.
• If your pet is nervous, go slowly and calmy. You can use treats and praise to build positive associations with grooming.
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