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Wormer for Ornamental Birds
Aristopet Bird Wormer is indicated in the control and treatment of roundworms (Ascaridia spp.) in ornamental birds.

Roundworm infestation can be associated with weight loss, poor appetite, retarded growth, diarrhoea and severe debilitation.

How to Use
Add 1mL of Bird Wormer per 15mL of drinking water. Medicated drinking water should then be administered for 3 days. Repeat treatment after 14 days to prevent re-infestation.

For optimum results, withhold drinking water for 12 hours before treatment. Calculate the dose rate to the volume of drinking water required. If worm problem persists contact a veterinary surgeon.

NOTE: Do not give plain water whilst medicated water is being administered. Withhold green foods for the duration of treatment. NOT TO BE USED in food-producing birds.