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Here at Pampered Pets Hornsby, we trust Asqutih Vet for all your pets health needs.

Asquith Veterinary Hospital (A&BVC) provides friendly, high quality health care and advice in the Hornsby Shire and Upper North Shore areas of Sydney. Established in 1976, we are an experienced and family-friendly practice.

Contact Information:

Asquith Veterinary Hospital
53 Salisbury Road
Asquith NSW 2077
Phone:(02) 9477 1349
Fax: (02) 9476 2781



Mon-Fri: Phone enquiries and over the counter sales 8am – 8pm
Morning Consultations (Open Hospital) 9am – 11am
Evening Consultations (by Appointment only) 4pm – 7.30pm

Saturday: Phone enquiries and over the counter sales 8am – 12pm
Consultations (Open Hospital) 9am – 12pm

Sunday and Public Holidays (except Christmas Day and New Years Day): 9am – 11am

Click on the logo below to take you to you’re council website for more information about pet registrations.

You’re Local Council.

Depending on were you live, you will need to register your pet with your local council. We have provided the three local area councils areas based on our customers. On your council website you will find information about pet registrations and local dog  parks. We have also have the list of local dog parks locations on our website. Click on box below to take you to the page.

Local Dog Parks

Pet owner responsibilities

For the comfort, safety and health of the community, pet owners have the following responsibilities:

  • Have your dog or cat registered and micro-chipped.

  • Update your registration details by contacting Council when you move house or have your pet minded by someone else – even for a short period of time as your pet is more likely to wander away at this time.

  • When in a public place, ensure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag attached that shows the dog’s name and your address or phone number.

  • When in a public place, ensure your dog is under the control of a competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash.

  • When in an off-leash area ensure your dog is properly trained and under your effective control.

  • If your dog defecates in a public place, collect and dispose of it correctly.

  • Ensure your dog not does not enter prohibited areas such as children’s play areas, food preparation and consumption areas, school grounds, childcare centres and wildlife protection areas.

Would you like more helpful information about owning a pet. We have provided links to other pages on our website to help you. Simply click on links below or see the links under helpful info tab.

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Owning A Pet
Getting A Cat
Getting A Dog
Desexing Your Pet
Pet Care Sheets
Dog Parks

Rescue Cats/Kittens.

Since 2012 we have been working with Sydney Cats And Dogs Home, also with the Animal Welfare League of NSW, and Safe Rescue. In rehoming cats and kitten from these shelters. Giving the Adult cats a 2nd chance in life and having a loving family to love and care for them.

All Rescue Cats & Kittens Come:

  • Vaccinated

  • Desexed

  • Microchipped

  • Flea and Worm treated

  • 10 day health guarantee with our vet

Free vet check within 3 days.

If you would like to save a life why not adopt a Cat or Kitten. If you are interested in saving a life please visit the Rescue Cats/Kittens page to find out more information and whats available in store.

Click Here To See Cats Avaliable

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Pet owners trust us to help them with their beloved companions needs. We are committed to delivering the very highest customer service and advice. As your pets are apart of your family.

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